Monday, September 18, 2017

Japan Should Solve the Nuclear Problem

Hello Readers,

Japan should solve the Nuclear Problem. They invented Godzilla who eats Nuclear Energy. They had that accident in Fukishima. Now they got missiles flying over their Country. Hello? Do you see the signs? Japan should solve the problems with Nuclear waste, Nuclear Weapons and everything Nuclear.

I think they should come up with some new technology to clean nuclear fallout, nuclear waste, and deflect nuclear weapons. Maybe if Japan is successful, they can improve their economy. They can start a whole new market. This would also solve the problem with Human Global Destruction. This could be the thing we were looking for to start the Golden Age.

It is time to move along. We can live off of better energy. We need new technology. If the big boys up in the power structure feel they may lose their wealth due to the fact of saving the planet, then find a way to make more money off of saving the planet. This may definitely may need to be done through the private sector.

Japan is a very high technological society. It is a win win situation for everybody. Innocent people will not die. No one will worry about dying from a nuclear explosion. No one will worry about nuclear plants exploding due to Earthquakes.North Korea would no longer be a problem. It would avoid an all out nuclear war.

Look at the signs. Focus on defensive weapon technology. Focus on cleaning up radiation. Focus on new energy power plants that will not jeapordize the people. If it is money you are worrying about, do it in a way to sell products to the general public. I am sure there are plenty of end of the world preppers that would buy your products in a heart beat.

We have to get out of this nuclear war and nuclear radiation challenge. It is the only way to ensure the safety of Japan and the rest of the world. Peace be to you all. If the military industrial complex feels threatened about this idea then find a way to do it without feeling threatened about this idea. It has to be done. Or we are looking at losing our planet and ourselves. What good is making a profit if we are all dead?

Kevin Dellinger

Monday, May 15, 2017

Avoid Human Extinction

Avoid Human Extinction

Welcome to the Radiation
With a Dogma Revolution
With a Nuclear Aggression
To create a Human Extinction

Propaganda guides Corruption
To escalate the Friction
To fulfill a False Prediction
To reveal the Revelation

With a Targeted City
With a Rapture waiting
For a Nuclear Explosion

There is no real protection
from the fallout radiation
To cause depopulation

There must be some correction
To avoid Human Extinction
Stop the greed corruption

Avoid the war Aggression
There must be some objection
To defuse the escalation

Diplomacy by peaceful means
will stop the Human Extinction
Grow as a Human Race
Destroy the Nuclear Weapons

If you don't stop all the wars
You will have a Human Extinction
There is more to life than killing life
Let Love make the correction

We are one and the same
With a genetic blood connection
When others die You die Yourself
To worldwide personal affliction

We must learn this valuable lesson
To break ties with this illusion
To explore expand and save our Race
We must avoid Human Extinction

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Times of Change, Revolution and Control

Times of Change, Revolution and Control
by Kevin Dellinger

More deception is triggering more intuition. Intuition then creates research for the truth. The truth then becomes disturbing. The population is being manipulated. You must ask yourself, "Do you have a mind of your own?" Do your decisions come from what you were told to believe? Does experience drive your choices?

Technology improves every day. With more technology comes less privacy. More freedoms are lost everyday due to technology. The laws are being created everyday to manipulate the consumer. The consumer is the main target. The corporations know what you will buy next based off of your recorded interests.

Now we have revolution. Welcome to the liberal revolution. These very organized liberal agendas are backed by corporations. These corporations are global. We are witnessing a change in our society. We are witnessing a very divided population. This makes it very difficult for people to evolve spiritually. We are too focused on lifestyle beliefs and conflicts.

There is always a lesson to learn from this. We will be witnessing change that will destroy parts of our society. Watch how belief systems will change. Watch how most people will follow only who they are told to follow by the mainstream media. Watch how governments continue to fight each other over resources, power and control.

While many struggle to survive to feed their families, others will march in the streets committing crimes, destruction, and chaos. Hopefully after the major changes occur, people will then unite together to create a much better society of prosperity. Only time will tell how our modern early 21st century revolution will shape our civilization. Hopefully the outcome will not be a barren radiated wasteland.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

We are Light Beings

We are Light Beings
by Kevin Dellinger

This world was created for Life. The life we live allows us to explore choices. These choices help us understand more about ourselves. The physical reality we live in is a tool for spiritual development. However, many people do not understand this concept.

While Humans cling to the material world, there is another part of us that goes along in this journey. The journey of the Soul. We are from the light. We return to the light. We are the part of that light. We are light beings.

The mind is here to guide us. The body is here to shield us. The spirit is here to unite us to who we really are. Many lessons can be learned on our path to spiritual refinement. Before we live in the realm of light, we must live in the realm of darkness. To appreciate our light, we swim through the dark to find ourselves.

What will you become? Who do you want to be? Do you choose to acknowledge love? Or do you only live in the material? Maybe you have found a balance. Maybe you have learned much about your personality, your soul, and your family. Prepare yourself. Prepare to readjust yourself to your true nature. You are a light being.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Live in the New Paradise

Live in the New Paradise
by Kevin Dellinger

Everything we believe in comes from the third dimensional mind. We often let our fears rule. Fears are what shape our society. Fears shape the media. Fears control you. Fears are what have created a slave system to imprison your very Soul on this planet. This is what they want. This what you feel that you need. They have brainwashed you.

Why? Because many are not awake. However, the good news is the planet is ascending to the next dimension. However, if your vibration is too low, you may not go along with the ride. This is why it is very important to raise your vibration. Stop submitting to Fear. Believe in yourself more. Meditate on your own feelings. Find the truth for yourself. Find the Love in your Heart.

There will be a new world in the future. Only awakened Souls can create a future paradise to bring about the Golden Age of the 21st century. But Human evolution is going in the wrong direction. Humans keep killing each other. Humans keep planning wars. Humans keep the slave system in check for global dominance. The irony of this situation is that when the planet ascends, The earth will shake Humans off like a Dog shakes off fleas. This is why we are having so many Earth changes. The Earth is tired of all the negativity. The Earth is also moving on to the Light.

Our planet is a positive loving living entity. We need to evolve with Her. Live in the new paradise. Be prepared for the many changes that are coming. Get in touch with your spiritual life. This will prepare you.
Be kind to each other. Love one another.

Kevin Dellinger

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Welcome to the Great Divide

Welcome to the Great Divide
by Kevin Dellinger

The end of one world is the beginning of another. When one injustice befalls a person getting full world exposure, another injustice happens quietly somewhere else. When one point of view is distorted, another point of view finds clarity. When one war starts, another war ends. There is a great illusion of division in this world. This is why there is a divide among Humans. This is why Humans will continue to fight each other.

It is easier to have conflict and blood shed. It takes greater courage to find Peace. What happens when everything is destroyed? What purpose becomes the end result? God is in Heaven. We are down here on Earth. When you decide on who lives or who dies, what is the main goal - destruction of Mankind. This sounds more like anti-life. This defies nature. This defies God.

All life is valued. All life has a natural cycle. War disrupts this process. A solid peaceful community can bring people together in harmony. Self righteous causes that divide the people, this causes War. Do you want to live in a blood spilled world? Or do you want to live in Peace?

We are living in perilous times because life is being taking away from the people. What happens when jobs are taken away? People can't feed their families. This causes more crime. This is why we depend on the police to keep us from destroying each other. However, if the underlying problems are not solved by the governments, people will wise up. However, we have way more problems in this world than racial divide.
We are struggling to survive.

We need to take care of one another. We need to create new systems that work that bring prosperity. The media is a system used to create division. The solutions will come. Unfortunately, many people will die before we mature enough to realize the real problems that we face. It takes great leadership to shape a prosperous world. The Great Divide will come. It is the lesson we learn after that will determine our Fate.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Corruption Corrupts

Corruption Corrupts
by Kevin Dellinger

Human Nature lives in a self serving society. We will find power structures that reign over the overall population. In time corruption will find its way into Power. As technology improves Power will control every aspect of our lives. There is an illusion of freedom. Yet we are unaware of many laws that are passed in secret that alter how we live and behave. What is the reason why corruption eventually wins? Do we not see it? Or do we live in fear of consequences? I feel that the fear of consequences holds back many that live in a world full of injustice, corruption, and the after affects of collateral damage.

We adjust to the laws. We adjust to the control. We stay asleep living our lives without questioning the reign of "Big Brother." Lists are used to collect names of people that may question the corruption. They are watched. They are analyzed. They are on the list. What is the over all goal of this corruption? Why do we struggle so hard in a world that could be full of prosperity? We are living in a very transitional time in Human evolution.

Corruption also corrupts in the streets. When we have unemployed, gangs, groups of people that live in poverty, we get more crime. A self serving society quickly weeds out the survivors and the prosperous. Competition for basic needs like food, shelter, and medicine, this keeps us busy struggling with each other for survival. The bottom of the pyramid stays busy while the Eye on the top observes, controls, and rules.

How do we fight such a thing? Education. Education in law and politics may ease some suffering. But usually the law just manages the pain. A whole new philosophy would have to take over the whole corrupt self serving system. That would take great courage, wisdom and will. This is the only real answer. The solution is a serving others society. Unfortunately,  Human Nature would not allow such a thing. Greed, pride, and all the other sins get in the way. We are creating our own Hell. There are many great lessons that will be learned before we can evolve as a race. There is no easy way out. We will have to work hard on how we can live in a just world. To stop the corruption will take time, wisdom, and a better philosophy.

Many great tragedies will shake up our society within the next 200 years. Within the loss of economies, countries, and cultures, maybe we can look back at history to see how corruption had a hand in our downfall. This is the great lesson on our planet Earth. What role will you take in this history in the making? Will you learn from these experiences? What can we use from these lessons that will derive from the land of self serving corruption? Only time will tell. Get ready for a world of many changes.

I am aware that many people have good intentions. It is the good that helps keep everything balanced. However, the direction we are heading will not have a good outcome. We all love our families. We want to live good fulfilling lives. But the world structure we live in makes this difficult. We dream of good prosperous lives. But, as long as we have corruption, the journey becomes more challenging. Corruption will continue to corrupt. Watch closely. Watch how the snake will slither. When we reach the end, prepare for a new beginning. Maybe we will get it right the next time around.